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Find out more about the advantages of our heated BLO-paint hose! (Farbschlauch). Lighter and softer than an airless hose. Your paint will love it, and so will your painters!

  • commercial vehicle trailer
  • BLO in agricultural machinery
  • BLO in vehicle construction
  • BLO corrosion protection in crane construction
  • BLO corrosion protection for welds
  • BLO cleaner

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For modern, effective and sustainable surface treatment solutions with innovative industrial custom-made paint spraying systems.

We help you to optimally realize your paint coating (Farbbeschichtung) in the highest possible quality and effectiveness. We have made it our business to build the optimal paint spray systems for you, minding VOC reduction, efficient paint consumption and minimize of overspray while achieving a top quality paint layer thickness. Everything is custom-made to suit your individual requirements. We will take care of planning and installing our technology for you as well as training your employees. You can either buy or rent our unique technology.

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We are a certified trader of the Wagner group

As a certified trader of the Wagner Group we are happy to help you! For further information simply click on the logo or send us an email. Find out more about the advantages of our heated BLO-paint hose! Download here

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Vorteile unseres beheizten BLO-Farbschlauches!
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